We help you prepare Japanese/English documents to support foreign/non-Japanese residents, provide translation and notarization service. Not only normal documents and applications prescribed by banks, schools and public offices, we help preparing Seizen Keiyakusho* together with your Will and testament.

  • Document preparation, translation and notarization in Japanese/English
  • Certificate of Translation for documents we translated.
  • Arrangement for document notarization/legalization by a Japanese Notary Public/Consul at Embassy

     NOTE: We cannot issue a Certificate of Translation for documents that have been translated by others.

     NOTE: The terms used for different documents and certification are not always consistent between different countries.

We would recommend that you prepare Seizen Keiyakusho* together with your Will and testament while you are physically and mentally healthy:

*Seizen Keiyakusho is a set of agreements to be made during the lifetime (seizen keiyakusho), wills and testament, support of arrangement for the death of foreign residents in Japan

1) Engagement agreement (letter) on property management

(When the signer is physically disabled)

2) Voluntary guardianship agreements-1 and 2

(When the signer needs help on a regular basis or loses his/her judgment/sense of right and wrong)

3) Living will/Statement on death with dignity

(When the signer is brain-dead)

4) Will and testament

5) Engagement agreement (letter) on arrangements to be performed after death

(Funeral services, grave and graveyard, other arrangement to be performed after death