We can help you get a visa when you work in Japan, run a business in Japan, marry a Japanese, become a permanent resident, acquire a Japanese citizenship 

  • Application for visa, permanent residency, and Japanese citizenship
  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to stay in Japan: Application for foreign nationals residing outside of Japan to come and stay in Japan
  • Renew or change current status of residence: To work in Japan, study in Japan, marry a Japanese/become permanent resident
  • Application for resident status for newborn children of non-Japanese parent(s)
  • Application to extend the period of stay: To continue staying in Japan with the current visa
  • Application for permanent residency in Japan: To spend the rest of your time in Japan/secure resident status in Japan
  • Application for a permission to acquire a Japanese citizenship (naturalization*)

        *Application for naturalization is not a visa application and to be submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureau