Tri-Star Legal Office
Address:Marine Building #802,4-23 Kaigandori,Naka-ku, Yokohama


From Kannai station (by JR line or Yokohama subway)

How to get to our office from Kannai station (JR/Yokohama subway): Approx. 10-min walk

  1. From JR Kannai station: Turn left from the North exit (Kita-guchi) and you’ll be on a big street. Turn right and walk straight (along the main street) and cross Onoecho intersection.
  2. From Yokohama subway Kannai station: Go up to the ground level from Exit 3.
  3. You’ll see Kannai Hall while walking along the main street (with your back toward the Kannai station) until you reach Honcho 3-chome (Sanchome) intersection (there is Mizuho Bank, Yokohama branch before the intersection)
  4. Cross Honcho 3-chome (Sanchome) intersection.
  5. Walk straight (the street gets narrower) for 3 blocks and you’ll see Yusen Building at the end (after you walk through the Kaigandori 3-chome crossroad).
  6. Turn left and you’ll see the Marine Building on your right (and Landmark Tower far ahead)